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Be the Balance

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Be the Balance It's been a while since my last post. So much has happened in the past year, and already it is less than three months until the new year! Where shall I start? Family wise, I am now Amma, short for Grandma to a gorgeous, perfect little Tea Cup, Athena. My son's first born. My parents moved from a 7 hour drive to a close 30 minutes, or less on a fast driving day. My house is empty except for a family of fur babies who await our arrival at the door each day. Professionally? Well, I am loving the teaching and growing into yoga. As well, the re-vival of my Shop, the Apothecary is a passion and gratitude each day! My products are now CertClean, I have a new wall hanging of a paper as a Chartered Herbalist, and my massage practice is full up for at least 2-3 weeks in advance. The attitude of gratitude runs deep and constant. Spiritually? The intuition has amplified, the deep inner knowing, the balance of the energies of the universe. Another stage of Yogic practice. Blissful, without ego, without desire, want or need. Just is. Blessed. A desire to write again in this blog and to put things into words and out of my head. The message I want to convey: Our life, culture, societies infrastructure is full of faults, frustrations, injustices. Our water is polluted and cleaned with chemicals. Our foods are sprayed with chemicals. Big Pharma steps rapidly everywhere. Our medical system is looked to as Gods and blamed when failure hits. Nature has been taken for granted. The power of the people is being given away as now there are proposals to take away our rights to free choice when it comes to vitamins and supplements. Cancer is wild and Big Pharma is collecting for research that has provided jobs and no cure. As a healer, bodyworker and natural health practitioner I spent my summer trying not to be angry each time I sat to watch "The Truth About Cancer" or reading about Vaccines, studied all that is wrong in this world. Blood hot frustration and negative energy penetrated all of my skin cells. Enough of that-there is no success in that way of thinking or being, besides it makes one sick. Taking into deep consideration of all that I have learned in this lifetime, from speaking with the Hopi, training with Native Elders, learning both Transcendental Meditation and Sahaj Samadhi from great Gurus, there has to be a balance. As light workers, we must see the light above the shadow. We must work in a balance of energy. Be open to its vibration, endless flow and unconditional light and love. From there, those who need us will find our light. Those who start to awaken have many of us to choose from. I breathe. I believe. I am here to inspire. So it is. So be it.

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