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Value the Truth

It is utterly mind boggling that our world of information and discussion has turned upside down and all around over the past years. Suddenly a vail has been lifted for so many of us, as we see the sunny-side down truths that have existed and flourished beneath the vail. Just as the lifting has brought many unforeseen truths to the surface, it also brings with it the choices of how to handle them. How do we accept, cope, fight and change these truths? Some are bigger than we can handle, some are manageable for daily life.

The trick is to know, to see, and to live. Live the changes that you want to be, inspire others to do the same. Keep your eyes and ears open, question, learn and do not be swayed into believing something that your heart knows different.

It is not an easy path, being a light worker has its challenges. Being both a light worker, a truth seeker and freedom fighter are paths of choice, of inner knowing, of authentic being.

Trusting the universe, trusting fellow beings, trusting our purpose and staying true to ourselves is a priority and a way of life. I choose to Breathe, Believe and Inspire. 🇨🇦

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