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Foraging is profoundly nuturing as we become more aware of plants, their spirit, as well as their medicinal or food value. Foraging requires knowledge, curiosity, respect and ethics in order to maintain balance and  continuation of species for now and future generations. 

Ethical Relationships

  • Be able to properly identify before you pick. There are many look-a-likes

  • Take only what you need. Never over harvest

  • Avoid picking endangered and rare plants

  • If the bounty is small, leave it and check next year

  • Know what parts to harvest, how, when and why. knowing this vital information will ensure proper harvesting and prevent damage or death to the plant.

  • Ask permission before you pick. Property owners must be respected. 

  • Ask the plant for permission. Each plant is alive, and your inner guidance will let you know if the plant is meant to be foraged.  Leave an offering of gratitude!

  • Always leave the area undamaged with the least amount of disruption to the environment


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Wild Mushrooms


Spring is arriving! As we watch the snow melt, the moisture sink into the ground,  signs of green are popping up.  Tiger Lilies, Stinging Nettle,  Dandelion are sprouting out at my home along the Castor River! 

Stay tuned for a May date for backyard foraging in Casselman for the month! Fees are $25  per person, rain or shine. 

Look forward to seeing you!


Plant Energy

There is a direct link of energy between plants and humans. You need only to sit amongst the flowers or lean upon a tree and you will experience it yourself


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