Being Conscious

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Being Conscious Looking at my life to this date, I am grateful for its lessons. From dysfunctional relationships, to dissatisfying employment, fear of finances and fear of not having in the future all sparked an inner flame inside of me. Although it felt as though I lived an unhappy life, a struggle, a constant desire to be happy and to provide for my children, today I can look back and see how these happenings were the creation of seeds to todays wealth. And I am not talking about financial wealth, or material wealth. I am talking about my inner abundance, stability, strength, focus and belonging. My daughter asks me " What is the point?, "I don't see the purpose." How does one teach what it took me my life time to learn? The answers to those questions are asked daily by all. The answer is so complex and yet so very simple. Experience. Be. Be yourself. Know yourself. Be happy. Embrace the I AM Be Compassionate. Love. Live. Laugh. The vibration of the world is quickly advancing, elevating, expanding beyond what we were taught to believe, beyond the expectations that were placed upon us as to how to live and work in life. Consciousness is shifting away from the individual's need for greed, monetary wealth and acquisition of material goods. Consciousness is going within. Healing and loving the eternal self. Feeling the vibrations of the self, family, friends, communities. Loving with compassion, unconditionally. Being in tune and firmly routed in our being as a human and as a vibrational entity. The Vedas' teach this. The Yoga Sutras teach this. This is not new knowledge. This is us finding our roots and reconnecting full heartedly. Look around at what you are attracting with your vibration. Work on yourself. Learn about the seekers. Be in the moment. Expand what your closed eyes can see beyond the physical and into the vibrant darkness. All of the answers that you seek will be there. All of the events you have lived to this moment have brought you here. It is time for you to meet us in the vibrational consciousness, where change, growth, peace and love will change the world.

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