Wendy's Finds

Foraging & Harvesting

Here you will find what I grow as well as harvest including plants from the wild. From medicinal plants, wild weeds and trees, you can see what I collect and use for potions, food and more!

Foraging Ethics

1. Take only what you can identify correctly, knowing the best season to pick, which part to harvest (bark, root, flower, leaf) and how to harvest without damaging or killing your source where applicable. 

2. Take only from wild or known sources, avoid private property (unless you have permission) and wildcraft 50 ft away from roadsides.

3. Take only 15% and always leave no trace of your presence. If the patch is small, leave it to nature.

4. Take only what you will use. Remember that dried plants loose their potency over time.

5. Always ask your plant permission, and give gratitude via prayer or gift. Plants, like all living beings have delicate energy. Always appreciate the gifts from Mother Nature. 


Book Your Back Yard Foraging

Want to know what wild edibles and medicinal plants are in your own back yard?

Book your own group session and I will travel to you! (within  Rural Embrun/Casselman Areas and East Ottawa)

Approximately 2 hr session $25 per person.