Botanical Skin Care

Genuinely Pure

Looking for any of my popular creams, salves or formulas? Then just ask! I love to make various potions such using mainly certified organic ingredients including essential oils, beeswax & butters, organic herbals and authentic herbal gemmos!

As well custom  formulations with Flower Essences, Gemmotherapy, Herbals and Aromatherapeutic Formulations.

I will be making fresh products by special order, small batches, carefully crafted from this summer's harvest!

I use certified organic or wild crafted herbals, genuine essential oils, certified organic butters, waxes and carrier oils. 

Simply email to order by
and you will be notified when ready! 

Homemade Skin Care

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White Pine Needles

Pinus strobus

An excellent source of vitamin C, pine needle tea can be taken as a preventative or during symptoms of malaise. Perfect for the respiratory system, with antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. $5 per package (approx. 30 g). Harvested this spring in Quebec.

Peppermint Herb

Mentha x piperita

Organically grown, peppermint leaf used as a tisane will assist the digestive system, ease nausea, combat fever (antiviral properties) and so much more. Take as a hot tisane or cold as an iced tea for summer! 50 g package available.

Wildcrafted Nettle

Ideal Tisane

Nettle is high in vitamins, and minerals , especially iron, zinc and magnesium. This stinging weed is an incredible superfood! A must have for your medicinal cabinet as an energetic tonic, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and more, 50 g dried young leaves.

Majik Salve


This magical potion includes the healing powers of chickweed, calendula, plantain and comfrey along with a specific blend of chemotyped essential oils to assist in minor wounds, minor burns, insect bites, minor skin irritations and bruising. This is an old time family favourite and huge seller at the shop! Freshly made. 2 oz.

Beautiful Face Cream

Old Time Favourite

Our old tine favourite. With certified organic and eco-cert ingredients for all skin types. Essential oils that adapt to your skin,  nourishing and moisturizing. 8 oz bottle $40

Calendula Oil

Healing, Nourishing

An incredible topical application for skin irritations, rashes and wound healing. Plant known to have Antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, OIl can be used as is, or in formulations for salves and creams. 100 ml in certified organic olive oil. $20

Calendula Soap

Taking Orders for September

Made with certified organic ingredients: Olive, cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower oil and scented with floral essential oils. Freshly infused calendula from my medicinal garden along with oatmeal for sensitive skin. Suited for all skin types. $8/bar