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Services are  provided as needed. Simply call or email Wendy to set up an appointment for your needs. Email wendymorris33@gmail.com and we can connect. Be sure to leave me your phone number!

Wellness Consultation

Needing a fresh start or lifestyle overhaul? An in depth Health Assessment will be conducted, along with goal identification and setting to menu plan your wellness. Includes personalized options for nutrition, supplements, aromatherapeutic formulas, herbals, exercise according to your goals and needs.  Initial consultation. $100 includes first follow-up. Subsequent follow ups $60

Mini  Consultation

Includes a Health History and Assessment to best determine personalized, custom formulation. For those with specific acute issues only. Can be over the phone, or video conference. Does not include cost of formulation/blend/product. Fee $45-60.

Botanical Potions

Looking for any of my popular creams, salves or formulas? Then just ask! I love to make various potions such using essential oils, beeswax & butters, organic herbals and authentic herbal gemmos!
As well custom  formulations with Flower Essences, Gemmotherapy, Herbals and Aromatherapeutic Formulations.

Corporate Seminars

Corporate Seminars can be designed to suit your needs. Topics relating to Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Supplements for Caregivers, Staff, Continuing Education Hours, or more. Hourly or sessions. Dates negotiated between EE and Corporate Organization. Prices vary.

Vibrational Healing

Using  a  variety of healing modalities from energetic, chakra or intuitive healing energies, vibrational flower essences, intuitive body readings, or personal drumming journeying, Wendy can work with you to promote self healing and full body, mind and spirit integrations. Cost  varies.

Myofascial BodyWork

Deep Tissue Structural Body work aimed at assisting to relieve muscle and joint discomforts, promote better poster and release body tension. Past clients only. No new patients. For specific body care only. $90

Yoga Therapeutics

Following a thorough health assessment,  form a plan with Wendy to assist in areas to assist in self healing.  From Yoga postures, Myfascial Movements, Body Mechanics, Breath work, Mindfullness, and Meditations, a personalized  treatment protocol will be established and practiced in private classes. Initial Consultation & Single Session $125, individual sessions $75

Yoga Events

Yoga events could be a pop up class, mini or full retreat, private instruction for Yoga Movement and Meditation. Focus on biomechanics, Myofascial Meridians and Body Awareness. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates!


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