Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trust Often the most difficult lesson for us to learn is that of trust. I am not talking about trusting other people not to steal your stuff, I am talking about trusting your inner divine self. Trusting your intuition, your ability to "know" when the vibration is right for you. When there is indecisiveness, there is lack of trust. This is an important opportunity for you to take a few slow deep breaths, or to even say "I will think about that." There is no need to make a decision right away, and if there is a need, and you do not have the answer, then it is most likely not meant to be, so let it go. When you listen to the divine inner self, there is peace, happiness and balance. As a dear friend of mine says, "It is what it is," without hesitation or second thoughts. Meditation always brings me to a space of clarity, of superconsciousness where nothing equals bliss. It brings a constant into my life which allows for clarity, confidence and knowing. When this pattern is altered or changed, re-balancing occurs, and I feel it through indecisiveness. Back to breathing, back to meditation, back to happiness.

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