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The Art of Silence

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Art of Silence I recently spent five lovely days at an Ashram, surrounded by trees, lakes, and in the company of Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, AKA Gurdji. Without having any expectations, I was eager to attend, and arrived with ample time to settle into my hotel room and then journey my way to the Ashram. I was greater by new faces and a few familiar ones. I immediately felt at home. The air was fresh, the trees a brilliant green, the lake tranquil and calm, a perfect reflection of what was to come. Being early, I toured myself to the gardens which are all ecocert, wild and lush. They needed a little work, I thought as I picked fragrant sweet raspberries from the edges of the bountiful garden in bloom. It started to drizzle with rain, and I made my way back to the main building, the mediation hall. It was in this mediation hall that we would gather for Yoga, Kriya, Satsang, Meditation and meals. The second day was amazing, there were so many sessions of meditation, I fell deeply into a state of bliss so very easily, it was a welcomed feeling that is still resonating in my veins to this date. We were also blessed to observe and meditate a ceremony called a Puja, in the presence of Pundits who chanted ancient scripts before our Guru. Watching and meditating with gratitude and peace, the ceremony was appreciated by all. Our days of silence followed the next day. It was easy to be quiet, however, the mind was at first a little reluctant. Emotions swelled quickly to the surface, agitation came quickly and left with ease with each deep breath that I took. Energy inhaled, relaxation exhaled. My daily practice before, then and now. Nature, meditation and the Guru's guidance allowed me to be completely in the moment. There were no thoughts of the past, no worries or concerns for the future. I was completely and totally living in the moment. And it was divine. Happiness followed. It was deep, and embedded itself into my cells. With each breath and each moment of truly being, peace, bliss and happiness existed in its entirety. Having practiced Kriya and meditation over twenty years, I am so grateful to have experienced the Art of Silence. It has brought me more patience, peace and tranquility into my daily life. It has been an experience that is still in my mind, my body and spirit. Jai Guru Dev.

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