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Stretch Away Your Discomforts

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stretch Away Your Discomforts If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, that is, without regular exercise, or even if you participate in vigorous activity, then you are in need of a regular stretching regime. In my work, I see many hard working desk people, with neck and shoulder tension, low back aches and even numbness in the hands. It is important for these people to take frequent brakes to either stretch at the desk, or get up and go for a walk. All too often, people become bound to the computer, dismiss the urge to eliminate, forget to drink water or even take adequate time to eat a meal. The result is evident when they come for a massage, tired and stiff, with tension headaches and sciatic pains. Shoulders are up to the ears, they are stressed and often forget to take in deep, nourishing breaths of air. Then I have the students! The youth of today are in a constant downward, slouching position as they admire their cell phone texts of the day, or sit on the bed with laptop on bent knees, spine curled, neck drooping. The body is ill supported as it waits in anticipation for that up and coming cell phone call as they simultaneously type away to a dozen others on Facebook! The resulting aches and pains can easily be prevented, treated and health maintained with regular stretching and proper body positioning. The key focus for today is that of stretching as it allows for greater flexibility, allowing the contracted muscles to release and expand. With improved flexibility comes a greater range of motion, joints are fluid and stiffness is non existent. The body feels comfortable, healthy and strong as blood flow is enhanced and the chance of injury decreased. One of the best forms of stretching is Yoga. This ancient art provides a full rounded approach and healing system for the body, mind and spirit. Consulting a personal trainer, following exercise videos or classes facilitate amazing stretching possibilities for the body. If you get out of bed and you are stiff, you have not been doing your stretches. Take matters into your own hands, and take the time to stretch at least five to ten minutes a day. You body will feel the difference. Wendy Morris NHP, B.S.Sc. Recreation & Leisure, EarthlyEssentials

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