Sacred Smudging to Cleanse Energy

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sacred Smudging to Cleanse Energy It has been a great privilege to work with Native American traditions to cleanse energy. Smudging involves the use of white sage, cedar &/or sweet grass which is dried and then burnt in a ceremonial fashion. The smoke is swept around the body using a feather and commencing from head to toe. The intent is to cleanse negative energy from one's auric field. Smudging can also be performed in the home, healing room & sacred space to rid the area of negativity, to purify the air & to prepare for healing. Sage sticks can be purchased from a health store, such as in Ottawa (Singing Pebbles Bookstore or Sunnyside, I also have sweetgrass braids in Metcalfe) or you can grow your own sage, sweet grass & harvest your own cedar. Seeds & plants can be purchased from Richters in Ontario. I prefer to grow my own, as there is more energy & intent from the earth that goes into the plants, and I harvest with the intent of healing & purifying energies. Enjoy the benifits of smudging. It is easy & accessible. It is respectable and powerful.

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