Reiki vs. Marma

Friday, December 28, 2007

Marma versus Reiki I have been a Reiki Master since the birth of my third child, so 13 years now. I have had extrodinary experiences, both from a healing perspective, heightened intuition, long distant healing & preminissions. Reiki really has the power to "take you out there". Being a Reiki Master has really allowed me to expand my healing practice from personal healing to be a vehicle for the healing of others. With my on going studies & education, I have also been blessed with learning Marma Therapy. Through my years as a Reiki Master, I have had Indian Guru's tell me that the Reiki energy is not "pure" and that an alternative healing method should be used. Many told me to meditate more, do yoga, be in the moment. With my busy life, business growth, kids & relationships I found that the Reiki took me "out there" and I really had to work hard to re-ground and ensure that I did not absorb other people's energy (good or bad). Finally, last year, I took a Marma Therapy Course. The lights went on all around my whole being! I finally understood what the Guru was telling me. I trained several REiki Masters, telling them that I would be phasing out the Reiki sessions & classes from my practice. I began to replace Reiki treatments with Marma Therapy, and wow, the results were unbelievably amazing. Marma therapy is Ayurvedic, one of the oldest healing medicinal practices in the world! The treatments work on Vital Energy points, and provide a deep, penetrating energy balance that grounds as well as connects you to the inner self, universe, healing for the physical, mental & spiritual. Clients are leaving with increased energy & well being. They are grounded, at peace & in bliss. The experiences are very different from that of Reiki , and without any of the side effects that Reiki could pass on.

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