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Rays of Shine

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rays of Shine The heat of the sun shines brightly The sounds of the birds nesting under my deck hum as their mother brings food The vibrant aqua blue of my pool beckons me as my body browns under the summer sun Such a quiet river, until the songs of frogs begin, day or night, or the wake of a passing boat stirs the muddy bottom Missy and Tyger basking in the rays, light breeze to cool at the patio door The aroma of fresh cut grass and brief scents of the tiger lilies drift through the air It is mid summer now, time passes much too quickly Loving every moment of this time of year As I lay under the rays of shine, browning, making marshmallows and being in the moment Thank you sun, wind, river, nature. I am home Under the rays of shine

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