Psychic Senses

Friday, March 15, 2013

Psychic Senses You are a soulful being having a human experience. With that knowledge, accept that you have not only five human senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, hear), but that you also have five psychic senses! Clairsentience for sensing, Clairvoyance for seeing, Clairaudience for hearing, Clairallience for smelling and Claire-ambiance for tasting. Some people have several dominant senses, some have only one. It is key for you to recognize your abilities, be aware and accept them just as you would the human senses. By tuning into your "Clair" senses, you are working more with the energies of the universe, and thus becoming more in balance with the earth around you. Pay attention, tune in, allow. From there, practice and fine tune your sensory development. You have the ability! Once tuned in, your life becomes a magical, spiritual journey accompanied by amazing miracles, deep healing and spiritual growth. Have fun!

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