Manifesting Your Dreams

Friday, May 24, 2013

Manifesting Your Dreams Many of us have questioned our present life situations. We daydream about the things we want in our material world, financial situations and relationship with others. How can we change what makes us unhappy? What can we do to finally reach our goals and full potential? How do we manifest our dreams? The answers- although simple, and will be life changing. This article will guide you in life changing skills that will assist you in manifesting your dreams. Clarity of Intent: It is important for you to specify you intent. Be sure you are clear about what it is you want. For example, “I want to be happy” is very general. We can re-word that to “I see myself happy in my personal life or I see myself happy in my career.” Clearly state your goal as seeing yourself with the emotion, the material item or physical feature, staying away from “wants” and “should be.” Change Your Perception: Come from a position of unconditional acceptance. Remove any emotional aspects of feeling that you have less than, that you are undeserving, or that it will never happen to me syndromes. Bring into your heart, acceptance of what you have in the present moment with gratitude and appreciation. State your intention unconditionally, from the heart, and without expectation. It is important for you to come from a higher place and not from ego when manifesting your heart’s desires. Self Healing & Self Awareness: When you change your perception, you are working on healing yourself. Be aware of your weaknesses, your fears, your negative outlooks, your lack of confidence. Change these processes through meditation, spiritual counselling, reading inspirational books, journaling, or even contemplative walks in nature. Be gentle on yourself, you are not to beat yourself up, only be aware and work on accepting the lessons learned from the past that have brought you to this point in your life. Have fun with the release and cleansing processes of healing and self awareness. Take time to balance your mind, body and spirit. This brings you closer to source, and the process of manifesting comes effortlessly and easily. One Thing at A Time: When placing your intentions, we often have excitement in all of the things we see ourselves achieving. Choose one intent and follow through with just the one idea. Start simply, unconditionally and without ego. The universe will hear your request and begin to show you the signs. Without expectation, life unfolds miraculous happenings that you are forever grateful for. Remember, when you manifest out of ego, greed or material gain, it will not last, and there will be lessons to learn in the process. Best to always come from a place of genuine sincerity. A Real Life Dream Come True: After many years of financial struggle, relationship issues and migraines, I saw myself very unhappy. I decided that since I was miserable in all of these areas, I may as well be miserable and happy about my misery by being on my own. So, I put my house up for sale, ended the relationship and started a daily running and fitness routine. I also needed to heal. My head could not solve my issues. I went to water (lakes, quarries, pools) as often as possible to ask Mother Earth to cleanse and heal my emotional body. I asked Father Sky to open my heart, as I was unconditionally accepting my life as it was, and I gave my future to the universe unconditionally. Nightly I wrote in my journal, I paid myself $1000 a night that increased by $1000 each day for 30 days. I wrote down for fun all of the things I wanted to have in a perfect world- a log house, loving husband, schooling for my kids, a black jeep, a successful business, food in the fridge, money in the bank, etc. Then the journal went under the bed, forgotten until the next day, and I slept peacefully without crying. A year later, I was happily married to a loving man, we built a log home by the river, and he gave me a jeep before the wedding. And guess what? The jeep was black.

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