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Healing Crisis

Monday, June 16, 2014

Healing Crisis Spiritual Healing is deep and powerful. Often when one takes on a spiritual practice such as Yoga, Meditation, Counselling or Energy work, healing occurs on a variety of levels. Healing can be powerful, exciting or severely painful mentally, physically or emotionally, hence the term “healing crisis.” We are composed of energy. Our physical vibration starts with our spiritual connection and awareness of our higher consciousness. This vibration then surrounds us with our Aura and chakra centres. When the aura or chakras are out of balance and not properly adjusted, physical illness and disease can result over time. When we devote ourselves to healing on all levels-emotionally, physically and spiritually, a rebalancing occurs. The system is detoxified, purified and cleansed. Energetic atoms spiral about, vibrating and recalibrating. This process can stir up, discharge and release physical and energetic toxins from our cellular being. Often people can experience as many positive symptoms as they do challenging symptoms during a healing period. Our positive healing attributes can include a surge of adrenaline, and happiness hormones. We feel exhilarated, refreshed, revitalized, complete and whole. We are connected to the universal energy and feel overwhelmingly amazing, powerful, peaceful, balanced. On the other hand, and this depends on each individual’s life experiences, mental state and many other factors, there can be challenges experienced during a period of deep healing. Some people could experience mood changes, slight depression, agitation, or even anxiety and anger. Other physical symptoms of purification and detoxification can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. Sometimes severe muscle or joint pain can result. Rest assured, this is a part of the healing process. The challenging symptoms are short lived. It is important for you to acknowledge the process. Be present in the experience. Rest you body, drink pure water, eat fresh organic food, take epsom salt or himalayan salt baths to assist in the detoxification process. Avoid alcohol or drugs. Go with the process and know that it will soon end, and the positive healing aspects will make them selves present. Have faith and courage to accept the release. Surrender to the healing process, allow it to transform from a “Healing Crisis” into a process.

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