Challenges and Choices

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Challenges and Choices I had the wonderful opportunity to teach and train hundreds of swimming instructors in my days. As a teacher trainer, we taught not only strokes, skills and rescues, we taught leadership skills, decision making, communication and feedback and evaluation techniques. These latter skills could be applied beyond aquatics and into daily life, work places, family and relationships. They are what I call life skill essentials. With these skills as a teacher trainer and a mom, business woman, wife and daughter, I have found that all challenges can be handled through choice of words, and more deeply, choice of our own thought process. For every situation we encounter, there is a lesson, a series of emotions, an analysis through thought and choices. A choice of how we decide to react. A choice of how we choose to deal with the challenge. A choice of what we will do or say as an outcome. We can choose to be emotionally involved, angry, hurt, devalued, sad, frustrated, centred out. Or we can choose to see the issue for it's main point, from an observational point, devoid of taking it personally or taking on the responsibility of emotions projected by the challenge or challenger, and acting only on the issue at hand without the drama surrounding it. We can see the lesson without the flamboyant emotions and be grateful to have the choice to act from a higher vibration, without arrogance or ego. Choose to see challenges as an opportunity to make choices. By changing our perception and detaching from the emotional projection, we can easily breathe in a sense of calm with a moment of thought, so that the transition for reactive emotion can become an observation and action from a higher vibration. Be well. Breathe. Practice your choices with daily challenges.

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