Art of Surrender

Art of Surrender

In order to attain our inner balance, we tell our selves that “letting go” is necessary. Yes, indeed, we need to let go of anger, of stress, of hurt, and of self doubt among others. We need to practice the art of Breath in order to bring ourselves to the present moment. Letting go is very powerful. It is a process of awareness, acknowledgment, forgiveness and release. It is often a mental process that we endure in stages of perfection, time and practice. Letting go comes with its share of emotions, as often we are letting go of the bad in order to experience the good. It is often a process for the self, the ego, the person feeling trapped, or needing to make a concrete change. It can be easy, challenging and even avoided. However, the Art of Surrendering is a step higher in the Letting Go practice. It is the complete willingness, trust and allowing with the mind, heart and soul that we literally jump in the water a full 100%, without looking back, without re-assessing, and completely without any self doubt or regret. It is like intentionally falling off of a cliff, knowing that all will be well, and that you will be caught and carried safely. Surrender is fully releasing to the Universe and to your Divine Self, and brings immediate relief in its sense of peace. Letting go is a decision. To Surrender is a state of Being.

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