Plant Medicine

Nature's Gift

The type of Plant Medicine is based on your Personal Wellness Consultation, taking into consideration your current and past health issues, energies, state of mind, allopathic treatments and more. 
From there, a personal protocol will be established and select herbals, methods and dosages will follow.



Potent, Powerful

Gemmotherapy is a form of plant medicine, comprised of extracts from the embryonic tissue of buds and rootlets, of which " remedies are found to possess all the properties of the various parts of the whole plant."

Extracts are certified organic, biodynamicaly harvested from fresh buds and shoots and used in concentrated form as extracts.

These powerful extracts are suitable for all ages and can target specific ailments and conditions. They are simple to ingest, well tolerated, extremely effective and potent medicines.


Flower Essences

A gentle vibrational practice which aims to balance the emotions. Whether one is stressed, anxious, worried, fearful, easily angered, flower essences can assist to balance and harmonize emotions on a deep energetic level. 
Powerful and subtle. Through emotional balance, one can maintain physical health.

Subtle, Vibrational Energy



Tinctures, Decoctions, Tisanes, Extracts

Plant medicine, the roots, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds and buds can be used in various forms such as tisanes, decoctions, tinctures to assist various aliments and body systems. 



Mushroom Medicine

Mushrooms  are powerful gifts from mother nature! Filled with polysacchardes, terpenes and beta glucans,  fungi are often immunomodulating, antiviral/bacterial/septic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and so much more. 
Used as food, extract, tinctures and teas.



Chemotyped Oils

As a Aromatherapist with  three International Aromatherapy Certifications, I choose to use mainly Pranarom Essential Oils for my formulations, custom blends and sales. 

These oils are of excellent quality, supporting the well being of the physical and mental aspects of health. 

Quality and safety are key to the success of my practice. Wether it be oils for diffusion, for specific ailments, for topical blends or special populations, I provide Personal Consultations, Custom Blends and Corporate Workshops. 

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