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About Wendy

Botanical Witch

I have been dedicated to learning and sharing for over 25 years. My recent years building EarthlyEssentials was a dream that  became my reality, and now I invite you to return to basics with me as I transition back to my personal name, to sharing just myself during these changing times! A Botanical Witch so to speak- learning, creating and sharing the botanicals of Mother Earth, from Essential Oils, Gemmotherapy, Herbals and Flower Essences, Energetic Healing, Motivational  Speaking & Corporate Trainings.

Getting back to Balance, Nature and connection to the elements. Welcome to the next journey!

I am an active Member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, American Botanical Association and American Herbal Guild, United Plant Savers

Currently working towards Clinical Herbalism. 


Academic  History

Experience & Expertise


1997 Aromatherapy Reflexology Centre Aromatherapy
2003 Institute of Scientific Aromatherapy
2012 Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy International Aromatherapy
2018 Essential Oil Safety Master Class
2019 Essential Oil Chemistry


2014 Kundalini Teacher Training
2014 Yin Yoga Teacher Training 
2015 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
2016 Yoga Thrive Teacher Training
2016 Yoga Conference
2017 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
2017 Yoga Conference
2019 Yoga Conference
2019 Tom Myers Anatomy 101
2018 Core Strength Yinyasa Yoga/Yoga Shred

Body Work

1997 Reflexology - RAC
1998 International Association of Infant Massage Instructor
1998 International Association of Infant Massage Instructor for Special Needs
1999 Canadian College of Orthotherapy 
2010 Soft Tissue Release 2019 Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function
2020 Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials
2020 Anatomy Trains In Motion Slings Essentials
2021 ATIM Exercise Library
2021 Science of Stretch


2002 Herbs and Healing
2009 Mucosal Immunity, Influenza & Homotoxicology
2010 Bach Flower Remedies
2015 Chartered Herbalist
2016 Gemmotherapist
2019 Herbal Academy Introductory Course
2020 Canadian Herb Conference
2020 Herbal Academy Intermediate Herb Course 
Medical Cannabis Fundamentals
2020 Herbal Oncology
2021 Herbal Entrepreneur Conference
2021 Using Alkaloids in Clinical Practice
2021 International Herb Symposim


2002 Applied Nutrition
2002 Registered Nutritional Product Advisor
2003 Diploma of Health & Nutrition
2006 Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor

Energy Healing

1989 Transcendental Meditation

1989 Sudarshan Kriya

1993 First Degree Reiki

1993 Second Degree Reiki

1995 Reiki Master

Art of Living Saj Samadhi Meditation

2009 Marma Therapy Level 1

2010 Marma Therapy Level 2

2012 Basic Pranic Healing

Certified Angel Card Reader

Advanced Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reader

Angel Dreams Interpretation

Certificate of Astral Travel Guidance

Medical Intuition


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