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About Wendy

Botanical Witch

Welcome to my new site, as I transition from Business Owner of EarthlyEssentials back to home base! Semi-retired from hands on body work into full time Plant & Nature Lover, I am now dedicating my time to Clinical Herbal Studies, Foraging & Gardening, Medicine Making with the occasional Potion Making, Outdoor activities and Grandkids. 

With a zest for being true to the land and its peoples, I invite kindred spirits to share in group workshops & events, where we can be our authentic selves, be connected to nature and share its abundance mindfully. 

Active Member of  American Botanical Association and American Herbal Guild, United Plant Savers.

Professional skillset in Massage & Bodywork, Energy Healing, Clinical Aromatherapy,  Clinical Herbalism, Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation. Manufacturer of Organic Skin Care & Soap. In the Holistic practice for over 30 years.


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