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About Wendy

Botanical Witch

I have been dedicated to learning and sharing for over 25 years. My recent years building EarthlyEssentials was a dream that  became my reality, and now I invite you to return to basics with me as I transition back to my personal name, to sharing just myself during these changing times! A Botanical Witch so to speak- learning, creating and sharing the botanicals of Mother Earth, from Essential Oils, Gemmotherapy, Herbals and Flower Essences, Energetic Healing, Motivational  Speaking & Corporate Trainings.

Getting back to Balance, Nature and connection to the elements. Welcome to the next journey!

I am an active Member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, American Botanical Association and American Herbal Guild, United Plant Savers, with an  established practice in Massage & Bodywork, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Herbalism, Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation and Organic Skin Care & Soap Manufacturing for over 30 years.

Currently working towards Clinical Herbalist.  


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